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Zimbabwean Man Goes Viral “Call for Rutendo Martinyarere’s Assassination on Twitter” – Stars Obituary

Rutendo Martinyarere, a renowned marketer and human rights activist hailing from Zimbabwe, has recently gained significant attention in South Africa due to his outspoken stance on illegal immigration into the country.


Martinyarere has long advocated for a borderless Southern Africa zone to promote cross-border trade and integration, despite facing strong opposition within South Africa.

He is also known for his support of the current administration in power in Zimbabwe and his repeated calls for people to unite behind President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the ZANUPF party.

On the other side, Nomore Madaba, a young Zimbabwean who strongly opposes President Emmerson Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF, has turned to social media to express his grievances, even going so far as to call for harm to Rutendo Martinyarere, a supporter of ZANU-PF’s political agenda.

Madaba claims that the only way South Africa can aid the Zimbabwean liberation movement is through violence, as evidenced by his tweet:

“We have already initiated a revolution in Zimbabwe, with Zambians joining our cause. Now, all South Africans must unite against ZANU-PF’s electoral manipulation to end our oppression. South Africans have taken the first step by dealing with Rutendo Martinyarere.”

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