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Why I was crowned king of Afrobeats – Davido brags – Stars Obituary

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David Adeleke, commonly known as Davidohas declared him worthy of the “King of Afrobeats” title bestowed upon him by Forbes.

He argues that fame was no accident, as he always wanted the Afrobeat genre to gain recognition in the Western world.

Davido claims to be one of the first Afrobeats musicians to sign to a major global record label.

In an interview with Billboard News, he was asked how it felt to be called “King of Afrobeat” by Forbes.

Davido said:

“I mean, it’s true. I’ve lived in both places; I live in America. I also went to school here in Alabama. I’ve been evangelizing African culture; food, fashion.

“So, when it’s time to make music, my dream has always been to crossover; “When will this crossover happen? “You know, I was one of the first guys to get signed by a major label.”

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