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What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality, According to Therapists – Stars Obituary

It’s probably been years (or even a long time) since someone asked you what your favorite color is. But even for those of you who don’t have the most popular crayons in the Crayola realm, you seem to gravitate towards certain colors when it comes to your house decor and clothing. Because it seems, your favorite color as you mature is instantly associated with your personality traits. Keep learning to hear from therapists and color counselors about this connection.

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All-blue young black woman

Blue is the hottest color in the world. In fact – a 2015 study by YouGov asked people in 10 countries on 4 continents what their favorite color was, and blue was dominant everywhere.

The color’s universal appeal “may be due to its association with the sky and water,” explains lisa lawless, Ph.D., psychotherapist and CEO of Holistic Knowledge. In this respect, blue evokes moods of leisure and tranquility.

People attracted to these emotions are sometimes empathetic, sincere, dependable and powerful negative resolvers, say michelle goldmanpsychologist and media consultant for Hope for Melancholy Analysis Basis.

Blue also indicates that you are dependable. In fact, as Lawless points out, studies have shown that wearing blue makes you appear more reliable to others. This is also why companies like banks tend to use this color.

However, the shade of blue that people like may add nuance to their personality type. “The mild blues [are] Associated with an easy-going and peaceful person,” says Lawless. “Cerulean blue tends to exude extra free-spirited and upbeat associations, while turquoise is often associated with uniqueness and individuality, while cobalt blue conveys a sense of energy. and dynamic character. “

One destructive aspect of the Blue Lovers personality is that “we’re the ones who overthink, self-criticize, and struggle with insecurities,” says Goldman.

Waist-up portrait of tattooed man in green shirt and glasses against vibrant green background
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Like blue, no experience has anything to do with nature. In such cases, color is often “associated with health and stability,” Lawless said.

“People who want to go green are usually productive, driven…very smart and perfectionistic,” Goldman explains. Their calmness often calms themselves and others, she says.

In fact, this color comes in many shades. Earthy olive green “is likely to go hand in hand with those who find themselves to be excellent mediators and who deserve stability and stability,” shares Lawless. Emerald green is associated with confidence and ambition, while mint green is associated with kindness, optimism and gentleness.

But let’s not forget that the word “grudge” came from somewhere. Goldman notes that the hardworking and analytical personality of those who prefer inexperienced people can make them possessive, impatient, and materialistic.

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purple woman
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That’s the color of royalty, and it’s for a good purpose. “Purple tends to be vibrant and efficient, a bold color with a bold personality,” notes Goldman.

For this reason, those who crave purple are not afraid to be themselves, sometimes creative, unworldly, and imaginative.

“Deep purple is associated with maturity, introspection and creativity,” explains Lawless. “In contrast, lilacs, such as lavender and lilac, are more associated with sensitivity, empathy, and a harmonious presence.”

But the hyper-emotional and eccentric nature of those of us means that they feel deeply about issues, “which can lead to depressed and misunderstood emotions,” warns Goldman.

happy people in pink
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Lawless points out that pink-purple tends to appeal to romantics, but even more so for those who love pink itself most. “Pink is often associated with femininity, tenderness and compassion,” she said.

“Soft pinks are associated with sweet, youthful, playful personalities, while deep roses represent glam and romance,” explains Lawless. “Fiery pink suggests vibrancy and vibrancy and is often associated with the adventurous, while those drawn to magenta are sometimes creative, inventive and unconventional.”

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Older woman red dress new year's eve
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Bold, efficient, robust, enthusiastic, outgoing—these are all adjectives used to describe someone who loves pink.

“They’re usually a force to be reckoned with, often confident and impressive,” shares Lawless. “That’s very true for people who love bright pink.”

A lively nature can affect greatest life Pre-defined independent studies agree that carrying pink can make a person look more attractive.

But Goldman points out that this perception “could manifest itself as aggressive … or attention-seeking behavior” in everyone.

So far, a 2014 study has shown that people magazine found “a link between pink selection and hostile social selection.”

For people who like rusty, earthy reds, they’re “generally more down-to-earth, with a preference for stability, habit and a safe approach,” says Lawless.

orange woman
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People generally love or hate orange, and with those in the former group, you can count on them to be warm, engaged, and social.

“People with this skin color profile may be more likely to be adventurous and bold, to make decisions, and to be approachable and helpful,” Goldman said.

However, she explains, “with travel and spontaneity comes unpredictability and inconsistency.” As a result, you’ll find that these people bring up their needs earlier than others and respond to those who are less carefree. people make judgments.

Lawless notes that brighter oranges are associated with “vigorous and joyful self-confidence,” while burnt oranges match people who are “down-to-earth, dependable, and who value stability.” If anyone likes coral shades, they seem to be creative and inventive.

smiling young man on yellow wall
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“Yellow is a mentally stimulating color, and people tend to [it] Usually imaginative, sociable and passionate,” shares Lawless. Either way, it’s the color of sunshine and happiness.

“Those who prefer gold may lean more towards knowledge, wisdom and luxury, while pale yellow conveys a sense of purity and peace,” adds Lawless.

While Goldman agrees that yellow represents charisma, confidence and humor, “people who lean toward yellow are thought to struggle with anxiety and perfectionist tendencies,” she says. “Also, they may struggle with the team and lack self-discipline.”

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