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What we know about Cameron Robbins’ disappearance off a cruise ship – Stars Obituary

Cameron Robbins, an 18-year-old high school senior, has been missing since May 24, when a sunset cruise ship crashed into the sea off the Bahamas.

Mr. Robbins was on a trip to the Bahamas with other teenagers to celebrate his graduation from University Lab School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when the tragic incident occurred.

The group was on board the sunset cruise ship Blackbeard’s Revenge when Mr Robbins went overboard on May 24.

Mr Robbins allegedly had the guts to jump off the boat, according to reports. Footage taken shows Mr Robbins swimming in almost completely dark waters.

Afterwards, the 18-year-old disappeared.

The US Coast Guard and the Royal Bahamas Defense Force spent several days looking for Mr. Robbins before suspending their search efforts on Saturday, May 27.

Here’s everything we know about Mr Robbins’ disappearance.

Who is Cameron Robbins?

Cameron Robbins is an 18-year-old boy and recent graduate of LSU’s University Lab School High School in Baton Rouge.

Mr. Robbins reportedly played baseball during his school days.

To celebrate graduation, Mr. Robbins and other teens traveled to the Bahamas and stayed at the Atlantis Paradise resort in Nassau, LSU confirmed NBC News.

This trip is not a school-sanctioned event.

Baton Rouge high school student Cameron Robbins, 18, missing after crashing into sea in Bahamas

(Robbins Family Handout/WBRZ)

According to a statement obtained by local news outlets, Kevin George, dean of the University’s Laboratory College world aviation federationMr. Robbins attended the school for 13 years.

“The University Lab school community is praying for the best in this situation. I have been in touch with Cameron’s family and authorities are still searching for him in the Bahamas. In times like these we must come together and support each other. Support. Words cannot express the concerns of our entire school community. Additional counselors will be on campus to speak with students and staff who are struggling with this news. Our hearts go out to the Robbins family and we hope you will too They take it to heart,” Mr George wrote.

independent The University Laboratory Faculty has been contacted for comment.

what happened?

On the evening of May 24, Mr Robbins and other members of his entourage were on a sunset cruise on a cruise ship called Blackbeard’s Revenge when Mr Robbins allegedly jumped off the ship in fright.

In the statement provided to independent, Jonathan Chia, a representative of Pirates’ Revenge Ltd, the parent company of Blackbeard’s Revenge, said Mr Robbins fell into the water in Montague Sound, near Athol Island in the Bahamas, at around 9.40pm local time.

Video taken after Mr Robbins jumped into the water shows the 18-year-old swimming up and down the boat as passengers on the sunset cruise yell at him.

In the video, someone can be heard urging Mr Robbins to grab a buoy they threw into the water for him.

Cameron Robbins falls off Blackbeard’s Revenge sunset cruise on Bahamas high school graduation trip

(Blackbeard’s Revenge)

“The crew implemented ‘man overboard’ protocols in accordance with all approved safety procedures and company policies to ensure the best chance of rescuing the man overboard,” Mr Chia said.

Royal Bahamas Defense Force Brigadier General Raymond King said in a statement Video posted to Facebook The area Mr Robbins allegedly jumped into “was a real shark-infested area”.

The U.S. Coast Guard has yet to confirm rumors of “shark infestation” in the waters.

independent The U.S. Coast Guard has been contacted for comment.

What is Search Jobs?

At around 11:30 p.m. local time, the Royal Bahamas Defense Force contacted the US Coast Guard’s Seventh District to report Mr. Robbins overboard. Statement from the Coast Guard.

“The U.S. Coast Guard Seventh District deployed multiple search and rescue assets in response to a request for agency assistance from our partners in the Royal Bahamas Defense Force,” Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Spado, Coast Guard liaison officer in the Bahamas, said in a statement .

Mr Chia said Pirates Revenge Ltd worked closely with Bahamian authorities and the US Coast Guard during the incident and would continue to participate in the authorities’ investigation.

For several days, the Coast Guard and the Royal Bahamas Defense Force used crews and search patterns to search the location where Mr Robbins went missing and the surrounding waters.

Coast Guard personnel ended their cooperation with the Royal Bahamas Defense Force on May 27 after searching an area of ​​more than 325 square miles.

“The RBDF informed us tonight that they are suspending their active search efforts pending further developments and will not be requesting further assistance from the Coast Guard after informing the Robbins family. Our condolences to Cameron Robbins’ family and friends Sincere condolences,” Mr Spado said in a statement.

What should we do now?

A to fund me Work has begun to help Mr Robbins’ family deal with the aftermath of the difficult situation.

Although the search has concluded, the U.S. Coast Guard is asking anyone with new information to contact the Seventh District Watchman at 305.415.6800.

Mr Chia said in a statement that Pirates’ Revenge Ltd: “has reviewed all safety measures and protocols and believes that the company’s practices have been and will continue to meet the highest industry standards to ensure the safety of passengers. Approved by Bahamas authorities, Pirates’ Revenge Ltd Ltd has resumed operations of its cruise ship. We would like to thank the crew for their constant professionalism and skilful execution of their duties during the incident.”

“Our deepest condolences go out to the Robbins family as they go through this difficult time,” Mr Xie added.

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