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What Happened to Prospero Serna? California Man Arrested For The Death of Two of his Children Found With Lacerations – Stars Obituary



The breaking news is coming that a California man is found guilty of killing his own two children. A name is going viral on the internet and catching a lot of attention from the viewers. Recent details are coming that a California man was arrested for the death of two of his children. The children of the California man were found with lacerations on their bodies. Currently, this news is on the top of the social media headlines and circulating over the internet. Recently, this news has gone viral on various social media platforms. If you are interested in knowing this in detail, go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.According to the sources, a California man whose name is identified as Prospero Serna is arrested for the death of two of his children. The behaviour of Prospero Serna is causing a delay in this case. The Californian man whose name is identified as Prospero Serna is found guilty of killing his two children. The moment this horrific and heartbreaking news was uploaded on the internet it went viral. Further, the dead body of two innocent children was discovered at a residence in Los Angeles County. The dead body was found on October 28.What Happened to Prospero Serna?The department also found many lacerations on their bodies. This case left the whole nation shocked after hearing that a Californian man killed his two children. The case is described as “murder and child abuse”. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s report, there is significant evidence against the California man. Further, the authorities also revealed that the suspect Prospero Serna declined to cooperate with them. The authorities received the child abuse case from Laancaster’s residence. When the authorities reached they found four children. Read more in the next section.Further, the ages of the children are described under 10. They were badly injured and with a lot of lacerations on their bodies. Now, the California man is arrested by the police and he facing many criminal charges. Moreover, the two children are battling for their lives while the other two are severely injured. Out of four children, two are dead and two are out of danger.  According to the authorities reports, the children are the father of them. The investigation of this sensitive case is still ongoing. The authority is taking strict action against Prospero Serna. Further, Prospero Serna has previous criminal records.

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