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Walmart and Target Workers Say They’re Afraid of Their Stores’ Parking Lots – Stars Obituary

It’s no secret that parking piles are fraught with hazards. Law enforcement agencies across the country have issued warnings about various scams taking place outside stores, with messages filled with stories of retail theft creating an even more dangerous situation inside car parks. That’s not to say the additional obvious risks of dozens of cars driving around a tiny house. Because, it seems, those considerations aren’t limited to consumers: Employees at Walmart and Goal say they really don’t feel safe with the store’s parking piles. Keep learning to find out why employees are afraid and what you can do to protect yourself.

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Twelve Walmart and Goal employees, who did not want to be named, spoke with Insider about the more dangerous places in their jobs — and some said parking areas were where they felt least safe, fearful of violence and careless drivers.

Staff are particularly concerned about unsafe drivers, with potential customers “turning the parking lot into their own private racetrack,” noted a Walmart affiliate.

A Goal employee said he and a colleague took the issue into their arms, counting the number of drivers who pulled up at stop signs near the store entrance and told Insider that 40 people “bombed through” it. “.

For safety reasons, a Goal employee in Texas also advised stores that employees who frequent the parking lot must wear reflective vests. However, it’s not a foolproof plan, as the worker added that oftentimes drivers still don’t spot them due to distractions like texting.

best life Contacted Walmart and Goal respectively for comments, listening to it again can change the story.

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Just in the past few weeks, there have been multiple parking pile collisions and violence, including a 27-year-old Walmart employee in Denver, Colorado who was killed when he was hit by a car last month. The victim was hit by an 83-year-old driver as he was transporting the trolley from the parking lot back to the store, Denver7 reported.

Gun violence can occur in parking lots, including a fatal shooting at a Walmart in Hobbs, Texas, and a fight at a Walmart in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that ended with a person shot in the neck .

Last month, one person was killed in a photoshoot at a Goal parking lot in St. Paul, Minnesota, while another was reported to be taking photos outdoors at another Goal in Montgomery, Alabama, though the latter resulted in no incidents.

However, the violence was not limited to the two large retailers. On May 17, another fatal photoshoot occurred at a mall in Lake Park, Florida. That same day, a brawl broke out outside a Wegmans in Chesterfield, Missouri, after a fender bent. An injured man died the following night, NBC affiliate KSDK reported.

“It’s scary, the kind of thing you don’t want to see happen,” said the shopper Tommy Hasley Notify KSDK of Wegmans events.

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While Walmart and Goal employees may be concerned about their own parking piles, the data suggests that parking piles across the country are at risk.

Nationwide, 80 people will die in parking piles in the first quarter of 2022 alone, according to D&D Everyday, an informational site for retail loss prevention, asset safety and IT security experts.

That figure is up from the same time in 2021, when 65 people were killed in parking piles, and 35 in 2020.

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When passing a parking lot, there are a few precautions you can take, whether you’re going to work or shopping. In any parking area or warehouse, you need to be aware of your surroundings and follow the advice of on-board safety company OnStar.

When you’re shopping early in the morning or at night, try to speak in well-lit areas and always use crosswalks and sidewalks. While you’re safely seated in your vehicle, OnStar also says you shouldn’t linger until you’re gone.

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