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USPS Must Make “Dramatic Changes,” Postmaster General Says – Stars Obituary

For some, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has been in deep financial when louis dejoy After taking over as postmaster in 2020, he promised to put the company back in the spotlight. In March 2021, he unveiled his “Serve America” ​​initiative—a 10-year plan for monetary sustainability and postal service excellence restoration. As part of this major overhaul, USPS has made several adjustments over the past two years, from increasing value to reducing supply requirements. But with a lot of time left in that transition, DeJoy is now giving us a glimpse of where we can foresee the future. Read on for why the postmaster general says USPS must make “major changes.”

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US Postal Service van delivers mail in Buford, Georgia

Regardless of where 2021 begins, the Postal Service is still only at the beginning of the various stages of its overall transformation. Last month, the company released its second-year progress report on the DFA program. According to the report, USPS has made a lot of progress in the first two years of its program. This includes increased service efficiency, increased daily parcel handling capacity and 6 new sorting and supply facilities.

“As we enter the third year of the American Delivery program, there is new strength and energy in the U.S. Postal Service,” DeJoy said at a news conference on April 27. When men came together for the national convention, it was clear that the investments we had made were paying off—our services to Americans and our corporate clients improved. The progress we have made over the past two years shows that our plans are sound and Achievable. We’re just getting started.”

The US Post Office in Galax. Buildings and signs.

According to DeJoy, the growth achieved in DFA’s first two years has been significant for the Postal Service. During a keynote address at the 2023 National Postal Forum in Charlotte on May 22, the postmasters collectively explained that the USPS is unable to make significant changes for the company at this time.

“Right now, we provide our service under terms, guidelines and conditions set by Congress, our regulators and the Postal Service itself. However, over the past 15 years, those words, guidelines and circumstances have become more and more incompatible with the fulfillment of our mission potential. This creates a dynamic that has to be acknowledged and considered,” he said.

This created a “postal atmosphere,” as DeJoy defined it, and didn’t prepare the company for achievement. “During this time of significant change in our country, the Postal Service has encountered destructive laws, regulations, guidelines, and political activism that defied logic and caused harm,” he said. “These misguided or self-serving efforts Intimidates and confuses the postal administration and limits the organization’s potential to make necessary adjustments that are critical to its long-term survival.”

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To offset the nearly 15-year “infection gap” that the USPS is dealing with, the company intends to step up efforts in the third year of its DFA program. According to DeJoy, this will likely require “significant adjustments” to every part of its postal environment. “These dramatic adjustments have to be made with a cadence and a grit that is uncommon in government or personal deals and hardly matters,” he said throughout the deal.

After a decade of transformation, DeJoy said he is reshaping the Postal Service from the top down to the bottom. “The delivery plan for America is not an unattainable plan,” he said. “This is a plan to revolutionize the way we serve and, if executed carefully and in a timely manner, will lead to long-term success for the team.”


According to DeJoy, one of the “big changes” that will bring the Postal Service back into the spotlight is the modernization of its network. “The most important move, and one that addresses the situation of overpricing and efficiency constraints, is to redesign our national processing network and the work practices we deploy to take advantage of it,” he said in an interview with .

As part of this modern community, USPS is seeking to establish 60 Regional Processing and Distribution Facilities (RPDCs). These will have the ability to “handle all of the volume going in and out of each particular area,” DeJoy explained. “Once complete, this new community will be able to process mail and packages by specified deadlines and reach hundreds of thousands of supply points the next day, taking the Postal Service from the last mile of the Chiefs to the last 150 miles of the Chiefs.” ,”He said.

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