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“Unwavering momentum” – Ekiti Chef enters 36th hour, influencers and actors rally in support [Video] – Stars Obituary

In an exciting turn of events, influencers and actors flock to help Chef Dami There was a wave of support and enthusiasm through Ekiti as she achieved amazing culinary feats.

Skilled chef Damilola Adeparusi from Ekiti launched a 120-hour culinary marathon in an attempt to beat Hilda Baci’s previous record.

The chef has been cooking for over 36 hours at this point and is still working on it.

The Ekiti-based influencers and actresses were taken by the news of the cook-a-thon as it spread through social media channels immediately, and they didn’t take the time to express their support.

With loud battle cry “Wahala is like a bicycle!!!,’ These influential figures came together to express their encouragement and admiration for the Chef’s determination and commitment.

As word spread, the hashtag #EkitiChefCookathon gained momentum on Instagram, with users sharing updates, photos and videos of the ongoing event

see below;


One user @teeto_olayeni said;

“Go to the library, pick up a Guinness Book of World Records… read through it, and you’ll see that you can still break or attempt an infinite number of ridiculous world records. At this point, the whole culinary process is a bit lazy, jealous, and attention-seeking.”

Added another user @iamblackbharbie22;

“She got advice from a madman”

@esther_modella wrote;

“She is doing well, she is paving the way for herself!”

@_toby_loba comments;

“I said it myself I know say no, man forced that damn person to start this”

@meenahofbeautypro wrote;

“We can’t keep hating on someone who is trying to change the status quo!!! Regardless of what she thinks, let’s show love to our fellow human beings”

@bcoin_marshal wrote;

“But wait, will her record be recognized by GWR? Even if she beats Hilda’s record, just thinking”

@cruzcollections wrote;

“Then I went to ibadan cooking marathon, I won her to complete 120 hours, my 200 hours 700 Guinness world record must reach everyone”

@lizzyofblaze says;

“Even the Guinness Book of World Records doesn’t know to say Nigeria na cruise”

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