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Tuoyo Confesses- ‘ I am not a Stripper, I Lied to Chase Clout’ – Stars Obituary

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Tuoyo Ideh, former housemate of Big Brother Pepper Dem, has revealed that he lied about being a stripper during his time on the reality show.

The BBnaija reality star, who went by her social media handle, recounted why she lied and the struggles she faced keeping up with the facade her lie had created.

Tuoyo wrote;

For over a year, I have been living a lie. Some people advised me to move on, but out of fear for my sanity and future, I decided to come out. Big Brother was my biggest shot at fame and nothing in the world could have stopped me from grabbing it with both hands, but somehow I felt like it wasn’t enough and that I needed to do more and be more to stay relevant and get something else. influence. I was desperate, the magnitude of the competition I was heading into made me even more desperate, so I attached a tag. I’m part stripper,” I told the whole world. I got the publicity I wanted, but it was unsustainable, I couldn’t live up to it because, in reality, I’m not like that, but since I have the body, I tried to force it, to press if I could continue living the lie to do. True, but the more I did, the more I regretted it. I wasn’t getting pleasure and actually felt like I was making a fool of myself so I had to stop. and i’m here to say i’m sorry i lied, no one is perfect, my latest strategy turned to damage my reputation and my brand. My name is Tuoyo Ideh And I’m not a stripper. Very soon you will meet the real me.

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