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The NPCG says AKA and Tibz murderers are known – Stars Obituary

Keirnan Forbes known by his stage name AKA, the 35-year-old rapper was in Durban with his friends on February 10 when a gunman came out and shot him and his friend Tibs, police confirmed AKA was killed but he did not know they found no suspects until today, when the NPCG announced that the murderers of AKA and Tibz are now known.

According to News24, National Police Commissioner General Fannie Masimola says the killers of Keirnan Forbes and his Tibz friends are now known and we know who we are looking for now, says Masimola, the National Police Commissioner General.

The families of these young men deserve to know about the murders and South Africa deserves to know about the assassins who shot AKA, including the people who ordered the assassination again of the award-winning rapper, fathered his daughter Kario Forbes and no child remains. fatherless due to cruelty.

AKA was killed and reportedly received death threats and warned not to return to Durban. Will his death be linked to those who threatened Keirnan Forbes not to return to Durban? Investigators will reveal more information after the shooting that took place in Durban on the day AKA was shot dead.

The news of AKA’s death left many South Africans and their families devastated. Seeing the footage of the day he was shot dead is the most painful video to see how his life was cut short like that that day in Durban and the scene is on. tape.

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