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Stanley Tucci Reveals On ‘Today With Hoda & Jenna’ That His Wife “Couldn’t Care Less” About The Thirst Comments He Receives: “I Wish She Would!” – Stars Obituary

Stanley Tucci graced the Today With Hoda & Jenna stage during Tuesday’s (Sept. 19) broadcast, during which he discussed his newfound status as a food icon and a heartthrob.

Host Jenna Bush Hager explained to viewers that her guest had gained a sort of “notoriety on TikTok” thanks to his food content, mentioning a specific video of Tucci stirring a cocktail. She noted, “It’s kind of made you a heartthrob.”

Hoda Kotb then called his cooking content “thirst traps,” which, judging from the comment sections on some of his posts, appears to be a take plenty of others share, too.

“Do your kids ever make fun of you?” Bush Hager asked him.

“My older kids just roll their eyes becuase a lot of it came out during the pandemic and the comments were, you know …,” Tucci replied, insinuating that the comments were bordering on NSFW territory. “And my kids would be like ‘Oh god, dad, ew. You’re old and gross.’”

Stanley Tucci
Photo: NBC/Instagram/StanleyTucci

Bush Hager then shifted the conversation to focus on Tucci’s wife, Felicity Blunt, trying to gauge Blunt’s reaction to all the new attention he’s been getting.

“Does she get jealous when everyone’s talking about how hot you are?” she asked.

Tucci said, “No, I wish she would. She couldn’t care, she couldn’t care less,” before jokingly adding, “I would be furious!”

Tucci stumbled into a new career path as a chef during the pandemic when he and his wife began posting videos of the meals they shared at home. He shared cooking tips, cocktail recipes and meals from his childhood on social media, earning him a new reputation as a food connoisseur and a dreamboat.

Since then, the actor has hosted his own food and traveling series, titled Tucci: Searching For Italy, and published a memoir and cookbook.

But the actor says this path has been slowly coming together for “many years” now.

“It just sort of kept happening because I liked it. It was fun and it was fun to cook, and it was fun to be with people, and share recipes with people, and learn from people,” he said. “And traveling through Italy, I learned a huge huge amount. It got me in closer touch with the way I grew up. And every year, it just got better and better and more interesting to me.”

Today with Jenna and Hoda airs on weekdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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