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Royal Biographer Says There’s 1 Reason King Charles Doesn’t Like Being the Monarch – Stars Obituary

When Queen Elizabeth died her oldest son became King Charles III. Being Britain’s next monarch is something he accepted and prepared for most of his life. But as Princess Diana once said, there are parts of the job Charles would struggle with.

Now, a royal author is claiming that Charles doesn’t enjoy the role of king for one specific reason.

Why author claims Charles doesn’t like being king

Royal biographer Tom Bower told GB News that King Charles isn’t enjoying his job and that is evident in the way he looks at times when he steps out for public events or during state visits, like his trip to Kenya.

King Charles III attends a state banquet hosted by President Ruto in Kenya
King Charles III attends a state banquet hosted by President Ruto in Kenya | Samir Hussein/WireImage

According to Bower, the reason the monarch isn’t fond of his job is because”King Charles is not a natural diplomat or politician. I think he does struggle because he knows very well, of course, that terrible things happened during the Mau Mau period … He never liked going to Africa. He was forced to go to Africa shortly before he became king because he neglected the Commonwealth.

“He liked going to India, but he avoided Africa because he just didn’t find it culturally that interesting, whereas he was very interested in the culture of India. And the real truth is Camilla doesn’t like traveling long distances. I think he does find it very difficult now; It doesn’t look as if he’s enjoying the job, having waited so long for it. But in the end, the Commonwealth will fall apart unless he works hard at it.”

Expert noticed that King Charles ‘relaxed’ a lot of protocols during his reign so far

Darren Stanton is a body language and behavioral expert with a degree in psychology. He previously worked as a police officer and used his expertise to uncover the truth when interviewing hundreds of suspects. He later moved into media and TV as a consultant and has been dubbed the “Human Lie Detector.”

Stanton has analyzed the body language of several members of the royal family as well and acknowledged that the king is “still learning the job” but has displayed more confidence than he’s had in a while during the trip to Kenya. He also pointed out that so far in his reign Charles showed that he prefers much more “relaxed” protocols than the old strict rules his mother stuck to.

King Charles III visits Sandringham Flower Show
King Charles III visits Sandringham Flower Show | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, Stanton explained: “Since Charles has become king, he has naturally adapted to the role and his self-confidence has developed as a result. He has a much deeper sense of belonging and has identified with his power as monarch. He is still learning, but we’ve seen him develop over the past few months and he’s found his feet now. One thing that has changed since the queen died is that protocols have been way more relaxed, and it’s clear Charles prefers it that way.”

Stanton added: “He comes across as a lot happier and relaxed in himself. He’s fully let go of the nerves. He still feels the pressures of being king, but he’s taken it in his stride with a comfortable attitude.” 

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