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RET Bigwig Says That Jacob Zuma Were Sponsored – Stars Obituary

Date: 05/25/2023


It is becoming unacceptable to believe that the relationship between political leaders is so great that money is used to destroy. This is because the power struggle is becoming more tense by the day and people are realizing the negative points of the ANC.

The reason for this is that the ruling party that has been making promises to the people is now having memories in a way that is not easy to accept. This is due to what has been happening with the fights between the current president of the ANC and the former president’s privacy accusation. The reason for this issue is that corruption has painted the two presidents in a bad light, which then shows the result that no leader who comes from the ANC can do better.

Member of the National Executive Committee and Radical Economic Transformation named Tony Yengeni hit a child. This is because he just said something people didn’t know about Jacob Zuma being targeted by news editors. The reason for this is that Tony Yengeni believes that some people were paid and others sponsored to destroy the public image of ANC Chairman Cyril Ramaphosa.

Since Jacob Zuma resigned as ANC Chairman, many people find it hard to believe that Jacob Zuma’s government was the worst in terms of corruption and service delivery. This is because the people were not given what they wanted in time and that resulted in the people having to protest and destroy the state-owned companies.

With only a few hours to go until Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa are part of the private prosecution, Ramaphosa has not appeared and it appears he will not be part of the court appearances. As former President Jacob Zuma ordered Ramaphosa to appear in court on Friday with no response from him on whether or not he will come to court.

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