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Nosipho Was Not Happy When She Saw Her Mother With Keletso – Stars Obituary

Nosipho and Nontle have been investigating the place where Keletso is staying because they wanted to know who she was involved with.

While they were there, Nontle got a call from work and had to leave. Nosipho was left alone but saw someone familiar with Keletso.

It was her mother and she immediately went over to them to find out what was going on. Keletso told MaKhumalo that there were some girls who came up to her and MaKhumalo told her to pack her bags.

Keletso packed his bags. Nosipho knocked on the door and they opened it for him. She asked them what was going on and her mother told her that she was just taking care of Keletso.

Nosipho asked her why she was taking care of Keletso and she told him that she reminded her of her little sister. Nosipho was not convinced but she had no choice but to believe her mother.


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