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Look what Amapanyaza did to an Illegal Nigerian drug lord in Pretoria West for selling drugs to kids – Stars Obituary

The problem of drug trafficking in South Africa has become a multifaceted challenge that yearns for immediate solutions. Illegal aliens from Nigeria have taken it to another extreme and are now trying to corrupt the minds of young people by selling them cheap hard drugs. Why are Nigerians in South Africa so desperate to engage in illegal activities? Why can’t they just keep calm and work hard for their money? Most of them residing in the country illegally behave as if they were registered citizens of South Africa. They commit different types of crimes and many more to our chagrin, there is no impunity with such a scourge.

‘Amapanyaza’ crime prevention wardens arrested a Nigerian drug dealer who was caught with CAT drugs worth an estimated R3000, while carrying out random stops and searches, in Pretoria West.

Soon he will face his skills in the court of law. Law enforcement agencies continue to encourage the public to report any information related to the illegal possession of firearms or drug trafficking. Such cooperation is crucial to build strong cases and dismantle the criminal networks involved in these activities.

Mzansi, what are your thoughts on this incident? Do you think deportation of all illegal aliens will solve the problem in South Africa? What should be the proper way to handle all illegal aliens?

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