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Land claim beneficiary who waited 27 years for his home; dies hours after receiving keys to it – Stars Obituary

On Wednesday; May 17, 2023; the elderly Johnny Klein; along with residents of the Red Hill informal settlement; attended a delivery ceremony; where they were given the keys to their brand new apartment homes.

the interim member of Mayco de la Ciudad; in human settlements; James You; handed over the first batch of keys.

However; sadly after waiting 27 years to receive the keys to her new home; in the Dido Valley development; in the city of Simon; the man affectionately named Uncle Johnny passed away peacefully.

The Dido Valley development in Simon’s Town. Photo: City of Cape Town.

Uncle Johnny, closed his eyes for the last time; a few hours after receiving the key to his brand new home.

Ward 61 Councilor Simon Liell-Cock; revealed that; 10 people received the keys to their new homes. He added that they were moving the elderly and wheelchair users first.

Liell-Cock said; it was sad that the first man who got the key to his property and insisted on staying in his new home for the night had passed away.

Uncle Johnny’s daughter wanted me to spend the night with her; however; she insisted that she would move into her house that very day. She had waited for more than two decades for this moment.

The reports reveal that; the R170 million project has 600 housing units; 500 of which are Breaking New Ground (BNG) subsidized housing for Redhill recipients; while a total of 100 houses; they are for the land claimants of Luyolo.

In the mid-1960s the The Luyolo beneficiaries were forcibly removed from Simon’s Town to Gugulethu; under the notorious Law of Group Areas.

In Saturday; April 22, 2023; youthe first group of claimants from Luyolo; they were allowed to see their units; while also attending a Housing Consumer Education (HCE) session.

According Liell-Cock; the process has been going on for the last few 27 years; while they also had to wait 15 years to get land from the Public Works department.

A local newspaper learned from a community leader; from the Redhill informal settlement; who spoke on condition of anonymity; that Uncle Johnny was over 70 years old and lived across from her for many years. She said that she was looking forward to moving into her house.

She also said; it is a pity that she has left without enjoying the home that she expected; for a long time. She died around 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

James Vos revealed that; the project empowers beneficiaries as first-time homeowners and also brings together a separate community.

Adding that; the project was a tangible example of repair and restitution. His existence represented his commitment to build a better future for those who fell victim to the harsh policies of apartheid.

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