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King Charles gave Kate Middleton ‘blessing’ to take spotlight: expert

King Charles has awarded Kate Middleton his seal of approval to steal the spotlight from him.

The Princess of Wales, 41, made a surprise appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show on Monday, and while some feared she would overshadow the 74-year-old monarch, he actually didn’t mind.

“Although it is Charles’ head that wears the crown, [Prince] William, Catherine and their children will steal the show,” royal expert Robert Jobson wrote in an article Daily Mail.

He continued: “They have to do it. It’s right.

“This time, it will be with Charles’ blessing – because he knows that if the monarchy is to survive, it has to be relevant to the younger generation,” revealed the Our King author.

Royal sources are reportedly “concerned” that Charles’ visit to the garden show will be hampered by Middleton’s stopover.

“It is regrettable that his visit [Queen Camilla] Fewer reports were received than expected,” they told daily mail earlier this week.

king charles iii
King Charles and his wife Queen Camilla also appeared at the garden show shortly after Middleton.
via Reuters

The source also noted that the amount of media coverage of Middleton could make Charles feel like he is being “overshadowed” by his daughter-in-law.

Charles also often felt spurned when he was married to the late Princess Diana, who was more in the public eye than he was.

Diana – who died in 1997 – even admitted that the then Prince of Wales was jealous of her popularity.

kate middleton
The Duchess of Cambridge attended the Chelsea Flower Show in London on Monday.
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“As a couple, we were put under a lot of pressure by the media and misunderstood by a lot of people,” she said in her infamous speech. “Panorama” interview the year 1995.

She added: “We will Australia, for example, you just hear, ‘Oh, she’s on the other side. ‘”

princess diana
In 1995, Lady Diana gave Martin Bashir’s blockbuster “Panorama” interview.
Tim Graham photo gallery for Getty Images

“Now, if you’re a guy like my husband, a proud guy, if you hear it every day for four weeks, you’ll mind. You’re depressed about it, instead of being happy and sharing it, Diana explained, adding that it caused “a lot of jealousy”.

“So there were a lot of complications,” she lamented at the time.

Martin Bashir is in charge of controversial BBC interviews and allegedly used “deception” to get the truth.

Diana’s brother Charles Spencer claimed in 2021 that the disgraced 60-year-old British journalist used forged bank documents and falsely claimed she had been wiretapped by security to obtain interviews.

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