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Joshua Kersey Cause of Death? Tennessee Man With Mental Health Issues Shot Dead by Nashville – Stars Obituary



In this report, we are going to talk about Joshua Kersey. Currently, this news is circulating on various social media platforms and getting a lot of attention from viewers. Netizens hit the search engine regarding Joshua Kersey. People are showing their interest in knowing who was Joshua Kersey. According to the source, a Tennessee man was shot dead by a Nashville cop. Recently, this news has gone viral on the internet and created huge controversy. The moment this news was uploaded on the internet it went viral. People have many quarries regarding this news. If you are interested to know this news in detail, go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.According to the sources, a Tennessee man was shot dead. The man was shot dead by the Nashville cop. If you are searching for the identification of the victim let us tell you that the Tennessee man’s name was Joshua Kersey. The Tennessee man Joshua Kersey was mentally disturbed. The family of Joshua Kersey asked for the help. The man Joshua Kersey was 30 years old at the time of his passing. The 30-year-old Tennessee man was battling with mental issues. Read more in the next section.Joshua Kersey Cause of Death?On the incident day, the Nashville police received a call from Joshua Kersey’s sister, Adriana Trujillo’. The Nashville police imminently arrived at Split Oak Trail in Antioch. The mentally disturbed Tennessee man Joshua Kersey was shot dead by the police. After that, the sister Joshua Kersey regretted calling the Nashville police. The CCTV footage was also shared by the department. As per Joshua Kersey’s family statement, he was needlessly shot. This case left the Tennessee community shocked. The MNPD received the information that a drunk man had entered their room. Read more in the next section.The MNPD comes to know that the man is holding another man at knifepoint. Joshua Kersey’s family also told MNPD about his mental health issues. The CCTV footage showed that Joshua Kersey entered the bedroom. Cole Ranseen is the officer who showed courage to talk with Joshua Kersey. Joshua Kersey threatened the people and asked them to not call the officers. Officer Ranseen broke the door and found Joshua Kersey with the hostage. The Officer Ranseen shot at Joshua Kersey. The man Joshua Kersey was shot dead by a responding South Precint Officer. The family of Joshua Kersey described the shooting as unlawful. The investigation is still ongoing. Keep following more viral news.

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