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‘I’m not answering’: California governor pushes back on Fox News’ Sean Hannity when asked about running against Biden – Stars Obituary

California Gov. Gavin Newsom fired back when Fox News host Sean Hannity repeatedly questioned President Joe Biden’s up to the task of leading the country and urging the governor himself to run in 2024.

“Do you think he’s cognitively strong enough to be president?” Hannity asked the California governor in a preview of an exclusive interview that will air next week with the Fox News host.

Newsom said he has no qualms about Biden’s cognitive abilities.

“I’ve been talking to him. Yes,” Mr. Newsom said, adding: “I’ll tell you what. I’m very serious about it. I’ve talked to him when he’s out of the country, I’ve been on Air Force One, Marine One, I’ve been in a limousine with him. I’ve been with him in private and in public.”

Still, Hannity has been trying.

“How many times a day does your phone ring and people say, ‘You need to be in this game,’ because they agree with me that he’s not up to the job?” the Fox host asked again.

“Sean, I see what you mean,” Mr. Newsom said.

“I’m asking,” Hannity said.

“I’m not answering,” the California governor responded.

At 80, Mr Biden is the oldest president in US history. Republicans have long sought to capitalize on the president’s advanced age, arguing that he appears decrepit and confused at public events. However, Mr. Biden’s doctors said the president was in good health and fit to carry out his duties.

“The President remains fit to discharge his duties and to fully discharge all of his duties without immunities or accommodations,” said Dr. Kevn O’Connor said in a statement February 16.

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