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Home Affairs Minister Throws Curveball in Dr. Nandipha’s ‘Get Out of Jail’ Case – Stars Obituary

The ‘get out of jail’ case involving Dr. Nandipha Magudumana took an unexpected turn when the Home Secretary joined the matter, causing the hearing to be postponed. Legal representatives for Dr. Magudumana appeared before the Bloemfontein High Court, where the case was adjourned until the following week. Dr. Magudumana claims that her arrest in Tanzania and subsequent detention of her in South Africa were unlawful and she seeks to have them quashed. The latest development revealed that Home Secretary Aaron Motsoaledi will be listed as the sixth defendant in the case.

The Minister has until Monday to file the opposition papers, while Dr. Magudumana has until Tuesday to file a response affidavit. All parties involved must present their arguments before Wednesday.

The application hearing is scheduled for Thursday, June 1. Dr. Magudumana alleges in her court documents that her arrest in Tanzania last month was illegal. She also seeks to be released from prison and requests that the court dismiss her involvement in the criminal proceedings before the Bloemfontein Magistrate Court. Minister Motsoaledi expressed his intention to join the National Tax Authority (NPA) in opposing Dr. Magudumana’s application. He claimed during a press conference that she was not kidnapped or illegally extradited from Tanzania.

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