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Heartbreaking How The Randburg Magistrate Court Has Dismissed Ngizwe Mchunu’s Application – Stars Obituary

The poor self-proclaimed president of AmaBhinca, Ngizwe Mchunu, could not get the charge of incitement to violence dropped. It is heartbreaking to hear that on Thursday, the Randburg magistrate court dismissed his application for discharge under the Criminal Procedure Act (CPA). It must be incredibly difficult and frustrating to have gone through that process and not have the result you expected.

The National Public Ministry understands that it can be difficult to prove the guilt of a defendant. Therefore, the law provides a way out for the court if, at the end of the prosecution, there is no evidence to support the charge or any other related crime. The court can then enter a verdict of not guilty, since it understands that the defendant may not have committed the crime. The NPA said it sympathizes with the defendants and understands the burden this trial may have caused.

The former Khozi FM host is facing charges for allegedly instigating the July 2021 riots after a meeting he called in Bryanston. The state claims that it incited people to commit acts of public violence following the imprisonment of Jacob Zuma on July 7. Despite pleading not guilty, he has revealed his defense by raising a justification defense.

Yusuf Baba, the state prosecutor, made a very good comment during the trial. He explained that the prosecution presented ample evidence that any reasonable court would use to convict the defendant. However, he also mentioned that the defendant’s defense must be carefully examined to determine if it is a valid argument that the court can accept. Let’s hope justice is served for all parties involved.

The application filed by the defendant was dismissed by the court on the basis of accepting the state’s assertion. As for Mchunu’s case, he was adjourned until July 2, which gave her time to determine the course of action he would follow in presenting evidence to establish his innocence.

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