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Fans compose lovely chant for Maguire in rare show of support for Man United defender -E360hubs – Stars Obituary

Some English fans were heard singing a song in support of Harry Maguire after the 3-1 win over Scotland on Tuesday.

Maguire was targeted by some sections of the media and fans after scoring an own goal in the game, promoting Gareth Southgate to lash out at the critics.

However, It is clear that not all pundits and football lovers alike have an agenda against the defender.

Some were even heard clapping and chanting his name. They sang: “Harry Maguire. He drinks the vodka, he drinks the Jager, his head’s, fuckin massive.”

This was well taken on Reddit. 

alwaysneedsahand:  “Actual match going England fans love the bloke. The lot of you who meme on him are weird little Internet trolls whether you like to admit it or not.”

RodQuackies: “I like to see this. He’s never really put a foot wrong for England, regardless of the bad press he gets at club level.”

thelargerake 2: “Don’t give a shit about the downvotes, he’s our second best centre back. He just needs a new environment and a coach who actually believes in him. He’d be brilliant in Serie A for one of the big teams there.”

Hatakashi: “I mean, does dropping the bloke entirely really help him? Just proves the people that shit on him right. Being dropped by club and country is going to crush him. Even yesterday, he’s fucking unlucky to have scored the own goal. Outside of that he did nothing wrong.”

the_motherflippin: “Fuck! he needed this”.

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