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Family find skeleton remains of baby in suitcase hidden in attic – Stars Obituary

The skeletal remains of a baby boy were found hidden in a suitcase in the attic of a house in Stockport.

The unidentified infant was discovered in a semi-detached house on Berwick Avenue on 6 March 2022, with police unable to ascertain the precise time of death.

An investigation, which included DNA analysis of the remains, identified the skeleton as a male infant and revealed his death could have happened as long ago as 1959.

An inquest has now opened into the boy’s death, with senior coroner Alison Mutch revealing that the current inhabitants of the property had been clearing the address when they found the suitcase containing the remains.

A Home Office pathologist was unable to determine the boy’s cause of death.

Greater Manchester Police said: “Shortly after 11.30am on 6 March 2022, we were called to a report of a remains found at an address on Berwick Avenue in Stockport.

“The remains are believed to be historical and there is no evidence to suggest that the find links to any other on-going investigation. Enquiries are on-going.”

After formally opening the inquest, it was adjourned until a further hearing on September 26.

A police investigation reamins ongoing.

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