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Esther Rantzen Illness: Esther Rantzen Stage 4 Lung Cancer Revealed – Stars Obituary

Esther Rantzen Disease: Esther Rantzen was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. The TV legend, 82, has revealed she has stage 4 lung cancer after announcing her diagnosis in January – but says she is ‘grateful’ for her longevity and six-year career

She is currently being treated with a new cancer drug and will have a scan

Esther Rantzen Disease: Stage 4 Esther Rantzen Lung Cancer Diagnosed

Speaking about her condition in January, the 82-year-old broadcaster, lifelong campaigner and founder of the charities Childline and The Silver Line said she had cancer and it had “spread”.

The grandmother of five and mother of three said at the time that she decided to share the news because she found it “difficult to walk around different hospitals wearing a convincing disguise”.

She is currently being treated for cancer with a new drug and she will soon have scans to see if the treatment is working.

Lady Esther blazed a trail for female broadcasters and she became a household name, most notably as the host of This Is Life! From 1973 to 1994.

Esther Rantzen Disease: Stage 4 Esther Rantzen Lung Cancer Diagnosed
Esther Rantzen Disease: Stage 4 Esther Rantzen Lung Cancer Diagnosed

She spoke of her cancer treatment in her first interview with The Mirror: “I’m on a new drug and no one knows if it’s working.”

But I will have a scan soon to show if I am pregnant.

She went on to say that after learning she had stage 4 cancer, she realized “how lucky I am in my life.”

She continued: “I’m not good at regretting. What I cherish most are the wonderful friendships I’ve made through That’s Life! Over the past 50 years, the people I’ve met, and the team that worked so hard and laughed so hard, together so long.

When the news of her illness came, Mrs Esther said: “In the past few weeks I have learned that I have lung cancer and it has spread.”

I’m currently being tested to determine the best course of action.

I’ve decided not to keep this a secret anymore because it’s hard for me to pretend to be lurking in different hospitals, and I’d rather tell you the truth.

“At the age of 82, this illness has made me reflect on the years, and I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all the people who have made my life so enjoyable, interesting and inspiring.

“My family is the most important thing. I am so grateful to my three children, Miriam, Rebecca and Joshua, for their support, companionship, and gifts of love and laughter.

“My friends are amazing and they help me create memories that give me strength,” she said.

“It has been a pleasure to work with my colleagues and I have been impressed by their tolerance for my wild ideas and horrible jokes in broadcast, journalism, the non-profit sector and many other organizations.

In 2021, Lady Esther received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Women of the Year Awards for her charity work (pictured left, with the Queen when she was Duchess of Cornwall)

“The brave kids, the old, and the audience who believed in my life story never stopped motivating me. I’ve worked hard to earn that trust.

“As I am sure you will understand, I cannot respond to inquiries while awaiting test results. I remain optimistic because there are many great new medicines available due to the extraordinary skill of the medical community.

Dame Esther is best known for her work as a journalist and broadcaster, and in 1986 founded Childline, a non-profit organization for young people under the age of 19.

In 2006 it merged with the NSPCC to form the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Following the announcement that Mrs Esther had been diagnosed with cancer, NSPCC chief executive Sir Peter Wallis issued the following statement on behalf of Childline volunteers, staff and supporters: “My condolences to Dame Esther Rantzen and her family.”

“Esther’s unwavering dedication to Childline and the NSPCC as a whole over the years has been truly inspiring and the positive impact she has had on children’s lives is unimaginable,” one said.

“She’s been here for the kids and young People, no matter what, we are here to support her during this difficult time,”

Additionally, Dame Esther founded The Silver Line in 2013, a not-for-profit organization that helps older British people who struggle with loneliness.

In 2021, Mrs. Esther received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Women of the Year Awards for her philanthropic work.

She became a DBE in 2015 and is responsible for services for children and seniors through ChildLine and The Silver Line.

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