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EFF’s Vusi Khoza Spits Fire “Stop Your Stupid Propaganda Nonsense Here” – Stars Obituary

Vusi Khoza, an Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) member, has vehemently criticized those who have labeled the late Zulu traditional prime minister, Mangosuthu Buthelezi, as a “mass murderer and a chief apartheid collaborator.” The EFF supporter has strongly opposed these allegations, deeming them “unfounded and irrational.”



In the realm of South African politics, the late Zulu traditional prime minister played a significant role. His untimely passing has evoked a spectrum of emotions and discussions regarding his global impact. Some have been quick to condemn his involvement in South African history, notwithstanding the recognition of his contributions to the anti-apartheid movement and his endeavors to preserve his culture.

The EFF member took to social media to refute the accusations against the late Prince, dismissing them as “nonsense” and drawing parallels to other recently deceased leaders. “When Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo passed away, did you make the same claims? There were casualties on both sides because it was a time of conflict,” the EFF member asserted, adding, “Cease this misguided propaganda.”

The controversial nature of Prince Buthelezi’s legacy is underscored by the remarks of the EFF member. Some accuse him of cooperating with the apartheid regime, which resulted in violence and turmoil during the political tumult of that era. Conversely, some South Africans credit him with pursuing a path of negotiation with apartheid authorities to mitigate violence and safeguard Zulu interests.

The ongoing debate surrounding his involvement reflects the intricacies of South Africa’s history during the apartheid era. Political leaders during that time often grappled with difficult decisions and faced criticism from various quarters, exemplifying the complexity of that historical period.

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