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Bresha Webb is pregnant and expecting her first child with husband Nick Jones Jr.

The expectant mom shared the news on Instagram, saying,”Surprise! Surprise! We’re pregnant!! I’m so excited to announce we have a bun in the oven! Baby Jones coming April 2024! My husband, Nick, and I have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season.”

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In an interview with People, Webb expressed her astonishment upon learning about her pregnancy. She explained that she froze her eggs five years ago, anticipating a more intricate process involving doctors. The revelation came in August when, amidst a storm in Los Angeles, she decided to take a Clearblue digital pregnancy test on a whim.

Recounting the moment, Bresha said, “I’m just a person that always has a Clearblue pregnancy test because you just never know. We actually had the Clearblue digital test pregnancy test and it came up pregnant and I was like, ‘Whoa. Wow,’ “. “It’s a blessing. We’re so grateful.”

She described her husband’s emotional reaction, stating, “He’s so excited. He was completely a ball of just emotions and super happy. And I have a bonus daughter and we were so excited to share the news with her at the right time.”

Jones Jr. is already a father to a 7-year-old daughter, McKenzie, from a previous relationship. Webb reminisced about the moment she and Jones Jr. told McKenzie about her sibling on the way. “We gave her a gift and I got her a crown and I got her a shirt that says ‘I’m about to be a big sister’ and she totally got it. She really wants to be a big sister.”

The couple, who who tied the knot in February, are planning on having a “wig gender reveal party” where guests will don wigs of the color they think represents the baby’s gender.

“I want to do a party because I’ve been in the house. So I want to celebrate and because I’m really goofy and I love to have fun and my friends do too, I want everyone to wear a wig of the color of whatever they think the baby’s gender is, blue or pink,” tells People. “I’m really excited about that.”

The new addition to the family is expected to arrive in spring of 2024.

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