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Alleged Nigerian Drug Dealer Busted By “Amapanyaza” – Stars Obituary

South Africa has many serious problems at the moment, and unfortunately one of the serious problems that is affecting South Africa at the moment is the problem of drug addiction among the young South Africans, many young South Africans who had a bright future have unfortunately fallen victim. of drug addiction, and many young South Africans who had a lot of potential unfortunately ended up becoming criminals due to their drug addiction.

Many South Africans have pointed the finger at Nigerian immigrants for allegedly being responsible for bringing drugs into South Africa, but at least the good news is that some of the Nigerian immigrants allegedly selling drugs are being arrested, for example an alleged Nigerian dealer. drug dealer was caught by Crime Prevention guards, also known as “Amapanyaza”, while allegedly selling drugs in Pretoria West.

The suspected Nigerian drug dealer is reported to have been caught while allegedly busy selling drugs, and the suspected Nigerian drug dealer has also been reported to have been allegedly caught in possession of drugs allegedly worth R3000.

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