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A woman exposes 2 people harassing her during her praying session – Stars Obituary

The woman was carrying out her cultural beliefs, and then two white people came to harass her in the process. But they didn’t know she was going to strike back, and they couldn’t agree with her to stop what she was doing. She told them that she is not her land and that they have no right to tell her to stop practicing what she believes. It may be a fair response, and people need to know that some people have their beliefs and how to overcome them is her concern. You couldn’t be against someone who’s busy practicing her own culture in a space she’s chosen to keep mostly away from people.

And then tell them that what they’re doing shouldn’t happen. From how she’s responded to them, they may have talked about money, and that’s where she said they don’t have land; therefore, they may be directing her anger at her. Basically, she said that they don’t have an inheritance. From how she was polite to them, many people in the comments section were quite happy. If someone is busy practicing their beliefs, it’s best to stay away from them because you could possibly get into an altercation with them in a way that wouldn’t turn out very well.

She also told them that they were all praying to God, and that it should end that way. How you approach God should be up to each individual because, at the end of the day, you have a common goal in your efforts to pray to God. But there have been questions in some churches where other people find it very difficult to do something that a human being should not be doing. But it’s complicated when it comes to African beliefs from someone who is not part of them and also African roots.

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