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A man has randomly tipped a street vendor woman from the streets – Stars Obituary

A man has met a woman who sells on the street and has given her a tip, although she did not expect it. He came through to her, asking for a lost account, and then said that she could have all those R20. While she was happy and grateful, he gave her another. She told him that he was blessed for what he had done for her without asking. He has encouraged all people to do the same.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of money, and he’s done it with an R20, which is important to a lot of people. It has been believed that the more you give, the more you receive. Blessings come in many different ways that you can imagine, and that is why you can become another person who is helping other people. That’s where you see people starting foundations or charities.

Some people choose to directly help people instead of donating to organizations. But it should not be done for popular content. That is what has been against MacG: the people who are publishing those moments in the media. He said they should do it without the camera, but Solphenduka has advised him that it’s also important to show what you’re doing.

“For more than a decade, musician Thomas Nhassavele has busked by the parking pay machine in Johannesburg’s Rosebank Mall, where drivers used to leave their change in their guitar case. But Nhassavele’s profits have declined in the past year or two as a growing number of visitors to the mall use cards to pay at the machine’s new cashless payment system, some muttering a quick apology before heading to the counters. Departures”.

“There has been about a 50% reduction in donations since the mall installed cashless ticket payments. A lot of people just don’t want to carry money anymore, he said, strumming his guitar. Cashless payments in the country are on the rise as customers are drawn to the convenience, safety and hygiene of tapping a card or scanning a QR code in crime-ridden post-COVID-19 South Africa a sometimes at the expense of the informal economy”.

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