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A Cameroon national accused of forcing SA girls into prostitution with drugs has been acquitted – Stars Obituary


One of two Cameroonians charged with illegal exploitation has been vindicated by a Western Cape Town judge. The man referred to was vindicated of 27 counts after his protection counsel filed an extraordinary request to have the explicit charges dropped, including assault. The triplet, including Edward’s better half, Leandre Williams, had to deal with more than 40 fines for allegedly working at a massage parlor in Milnerton, where victims were pressured into involving drugs and acting like prostitutes.

According to the indictment, Leandre was blamed for deceiving three Springbok women and promising them jobs in Cape Town. The birds of prey captured the trio quite some time ago, after six of their casualties made a run for the SAPS after escaping from the house they were being secured in.

Criminal organizations exploit weak job seekers by luring them into commercial engagements, only to expose them to restricted prostitution and double-trading. These bogus job offers can seem real and often target desperate people looking for better financial open doors.

According to Edward, he came to South Africa in 2006, where he started selling sunglasses, mobile phone chargers and winter covers at traffic lights. He met Leandre at a club, and they later married and settled in Brooklyn. Edward described starting two organizations in Delft, while Leandre returned to Springbok with her children after their marriage fell apart. He referenced Leandre’s purchase of a home in her former neighborhood with assets from a Street Mishap Asset collateral. Edward occasionally ventured to Springbok to visit his children, however, he did not invest much energy in the city.

The summary will proceed as additional evidence and statements will be entered to decide the guilt of the defendant in the excess charges.

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