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11 Restaurant Chains Open on Memorial Day – Stars Obituary

Ahead of Memorial Day, most Americans are stocking up on burgers, hot dogs and beer for a May 29 get-together with family and friends. But let’s face it, shopping for groceries, planning meals, and then cooking for a crowd can be a major hassle when you’re already focused on hosting guests or just spending the holidays with loved ones.

With the prices of barbecue staples like hot dogs and poultry still rising due to inflation, buying enough groceries to feed a large hungry crowd can also be a rather expensive undertaking. Thankfully, many of the most popular restaurant chains remain open on Memorial Day, so if the last thing on your mind is cooking, you have a variety of food options.

If you don’t want to grill and just eat out, check out one of the 11 chains open for the holidays. You can also grab a quick bite for breakfast or lunch before heading to a party. Remember that Memorial Day is still a holiday and some locations may adjust hours at their discretion, so you should contact local restaurants directly for more details on any potential hours changes.

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Chick-fil-a look
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While Chick-fil-A locations are closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving and every Sunday, the chain has directly confirmed that restaurants will remain open on Memorial Day. If you don’t want to cook, Chick-fil-A can even provide catering for your Memorial Day party, though catering menus and availability may vary by location.

olive grove exterior
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If Italian-inspired food is your thing this American holiday, Olive Garden welcomes you with open arms. The Italian-American chain said it only closes restaurants on Christmas and Thanksgiving, so fans can still buy pasta and breadsticks on Memorial Day if needed.

taco bell

There are only a few days of the year that Taco Bell is closed, and Memorial Day isn’t one of them. The Mexican chain said on its website that restaurants will continue to serve customers through the holidays, so you can pick up lunch, dinner or a BBQ at your local Taco Bell.

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Buffalo Wild Wings
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Sure, you can bake or fry some wings for your Memorial Day feast, or you can let Buffalo Wild Wings do it for you. Buffalo Wild Wings will be serving guests during normal Memorial Day hours in accordance with holiday hours, so customers can stop by the sports chain for some takeout or table service.

Tada Image/Shutterstock

According to Wendy’s website, many locations remain open through most major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, so it’s no surprise that the burger giant continues to serve customers on Memorial Day.You can use Wendy’s to find more specific information about local restaurants location finder.

mcdonalds restaurant

For die-hard McDonald’s fans who couldn’t possibly miss the Golden Arches on Memorial Day, a representative has confirmed that most restaurants will remain open for the holiday. That includes Memorial Day, of course, though you can use the fast-food giant’s restaurant locator to double-check whether your local store is open for the holiday.

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chipotle restaurant exterior

Chipotle has been open on Memorial Day for the past few years, and 2023 will be no exception. Chipotle fans craving burritos and tacos can stop by on May 29 during the chain’s regular hours, according to The Holiday Hours.

duncan store
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Just because it’s a vacation doesn’t mean you don’t need your caffeine fix. Thankfully, according to The Holiday Hours, most Dunkin’ restaurants are open during regular hours on Memorial Day, so you don’t have to make do without their iced coffee and donuts.

starbucks appearance
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Not a Dunkin’ fan? Don’t worry! According to The Holiday Hours, Starbucks stores will remain open for customers who need to buy coffee on Memorial Day. Hours of operation may vary by location, so be sure to check when your local store will take orders before heading.

apple bee's
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If you’re looking to celebrate Memorial Day with some fun appetizers and drinks (who wouldn’t?) Applebee’s has your back.your local According to The Holiday Hours, Neighborhood Grill + Bar will be open during the holidays. Anyone who decides to spend Memorial Day at Applebee’s can take advantage of the fan-favorite $25 two-meal deal that just returned earlier this month.

cracker barrel
Felipe Sanchez/Shutterstock

Looking for some Southern food for your Memorial Day dinner? If your local mom-and-pop is closed for the holidays, head to your local Cracker Barrel. Most restaurant chains remain open on Memorial Day, according to several reports and The Holiday Hours. Cracker Barrel is also currently offering some family dining and catering options for summer parties, so you can even ask the chain to serve corn on the cob and coleslaw for your Memorial Day party, subject to availability.

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